Endpoint Domain Updates and Technical Action Items

We're excited to announce significant updates to our platform, previously known as Graphabase and now renamed as Composabase. With this transition, certain adjustments are essential to ensure seamless continuity in your projects.

Endpoint Domains Updates

The graphabase.app domain will stop serving traffic by January 2024. Make sure to use the new composabase.app domain to reference your published projects.

E.g.: If your project was published to clmrvdg2d000js601guge8c5i.graphabase.app now it will be available at clmrvdg2d000js601guge8c5i.composabase.app

Custom Resolvers

If you're using the Custom Resolvers functionality, follow these steps in your cloned repository:

  1. Rename graphabase.config.js to composabase.config.js and update the inline import from @graphabase/sdk to @composabase/sdk
  2. In your package.json file:
    1. Change the @graphabase/sdk dependency to @composabase/sdk and upgrade its version to ^0.2.0
  3. Update all import references from @graphabase/sdk to @composabase/sdk on all files in your repository.
  4. Exported g object was renamed to schema
    1. At src/graphql/schema.ts: Update the imports and references to the deprecated exported g object and replace with schema instead:
1 2 -import { g } from "@graphabase/sdk" +import { schema } from "@composabase/sdk"


For CLI usage, follow these steps in your terminal:

  1. Uninstall the deprecated CLI: package npm uninstall -g @graphabase/cli
  2. Install composabase CLI globally: npm install -g @composabase/cli
  3. Navigate to your cloned repository, login again with: composabase login
    1. Pull env vars to target the updated composabase.app domain: composabase pull:env

These modifications are essential to ensure continued functionality. For any questions or technical issues, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support team.

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